Viky Feat. Tongam Sirait

When the sun is coming up

Water sparkle like a diamond light

We hear a sound of wave

And people walking to the field

When the sun goes to the west

And misty bright red color magnificent

Would you wanna see a beatifull place

With many interesting poor out

Would you wanna know creation of God

You can sleem on the lake

You can feel

From the sky

Come to Lake Toba, you will enjoy with us

Get your self satisfied marvel of the world

Jet sky, water circle, canoe, speed boat

Even mikro lie you can here

Fish grilled beside the lake

Wild jungle we’ve monkeys and tigers

Come to Lake Toba, you will be happy there

We will serve you

if you come to our place

A beautifull life you will find

If want to say thank you You just say Mauliate

And if you want to say Hello All you need to say Horas

Come to Lake Toba, you will be happy there

Bring you life to get another inspiration

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